The DeBenedetto family farming tradition in America stretches back to the 1920’s when brothers Mauro and John DeBenedetto, along with their mother and fellow Italian friends immigrated from Bisceglia, Italy through Ellis Island to settle in Central California and began working the agriculturally rich lands of the San Joaquin Valley. With hard work and dedication, in 1934 Mauro and John purchased the Family’s first orchard – near what is today’s intersection of Marks and Sierra Avenues in Fresno – and started out growing dried figs.

After graduating from college and working for nearly a decade at Chevron Chemical, Richard DeBenedetto, the youngest son of Mauro joined the family farming operation in 1974. A decade later, Richard set out on his own developing agricultural lands in Madera County, California. This agriculturally diverse farming company was founded in 1984. They’ve grown to over 4,500 acres planted in almonds and figs, and are Madera County’s largest fig grower.

The heart of the farming operation is growing figs and almonds. In addition to the farming operations DeBenedetto Orchards has diversified into a nursery – growing fig trees and Capri figs, the Ripaul Sorting Company, and an agricultural land development company providing ripping, leveling and irrigation services.

To continue being a dominant supplier of fresh figs, we recognize we must bring new varieties to market. You have our word on it, the finest fresh figs under the sun – Calimyrna, Black Mission, Kadota, Sierra or Brown Turkey varieties – are available from DeBenedetto Orchards.

DeBenedetto, a name that’s been trusted
for over 80 years.